Fashion Royalty Barefoot In The Park Bratter Lovers Poppy Parker

Fashion Royalty Barefoot In The Park Bratter Lovers Poppy Parker
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  • Manufacturer: Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty Doll
  • Condition: New

Barefoot in the Park
The Bratter Lovers
Limited Edition of 800 sets

Based on the 1967 movie "Barefoot in the Park" starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.  "The Bratter Lovers" gift set uses the Poppy and Chip sculpts as the characters Corie and Paul Bratter.  

Poppy has a forward-facing eye screening with no bottom lashes, but with applied upper lashes.  Her eyes are blue, and she has neutral-toned eyeshadow and lips.  Her hair is copper and pulled back from her face, with long, wispy bangs.  Eyebrows match the hair.

She is dressed in a pumpkin-colored sweater and long, brown corduroy pants with a belt.  She has a casual-style beige coat with a hood.  Her shoes are brown ankle boots.  She has hoop earrings and a wedding ring, but no purse or bag.  

Chip has forward-facing blue eyes, with golden blond hair and brown eyebrows.  He comes in a suit that sports a light blue shirt, navy blue tie and a dark gray jacket and pants.  Over this he wears a charcoal gray single-breasted coat with a light gray scarf.  He has black shoes, a watch and wedding ring.  

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