Floral Revelry Shea - Helen Kish

Floral Revelry Shea - Helen Kish
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  • Item #: FloralShae
  • Manufacturer: Helen Kish
  • Condition: New


This is Shea's first introduction to the trade since her debut at the Kish convention in May 2009. Floral Revelry Shea is dressed for something special . . . a wedding perhaps? Her two piece ensemble includes a sleeveless dropped waist dress with two tiers of ruffles; one floral print and one striped, with a strawberry red wool felt jacket trimmed in grey and embellished with felt flowers and tiny beads. Her wide brimmed hat complements the ensemble, made of grey and red wool felt and finished with a large felt flower. On her feet are black boots, laced up with burgundy ribbons. Shea's wig is pale blonde mohair in a classic bob style. Part of the Chrysalis Collection.


Height 14 inches
Genre: Chrysalis Collection
Release Date: 2010
Edition: 325
Price $299.00
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