Heidi Plusczok - "Jette"

Heidi Plusczok - "Jette"
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  • Item #: Jette
  • Manufacturer: Heidi Plusczok
  • Condition: New

Heidi Plusczok Jette Year 2011 LE 150 Jette has a red blonde human mohair mix and blown brown glass eyes. She has a full vinyl body with knee and elbow joints. She is wearing a purple bolero type jacket with a hemline out of the flower print fabric of the two layered skirt. Flower embroidery is on the upper part of the skirt. and dark pink leather shoes. Her accessory is a cute little white teddy bear. Shipping and insurance charges free for the United States ONLY! Doll World will ship overseas but the buyer is responsible to pay the shipping and insurance charges.

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