Jan McLean - "Lollipop Girl - Neena from NY"

Jan McLean - "Lollipop Girl - Neena from NY"
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Jan McLean Lollipop Girl Neena from NY Year 2002-2003 These 12" dolls are very poseable. The right hand is sculpted in a fist, with a hole in it for the lollipop. The left hand is open palmed. The knees are slightly bendable, and the dolls have twisty waist. All dolls have earrings and nail fingernail polish. All the dolls have different colored eyes and lips. There is velcro used for clothing closures. The belts are attached to the clothing. The lollipops are removable. Showing a picture of ALL of them together, so you can see a full shot of Neena!

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