Phyn & Aero - Annora Monet - Annora Basic #1

Phyn & Aero - Annora Monet - Annora Basic #1
  • Item #: P17AMBD01
  • Manufacturer: Phyn & Aero
  • Condition: New

Annora Monet - Resin As a little girl, Annora always wondered about the opinions she heard on a daily basis. Quite frankly, she didn’t really understand why people had these opinions about her—but everyone seemed to have something to say—especially when she tried to express herself. But as she grew older, she began to suspect that the opinions said more about those expressing them than it did about her. Before long, Annora realized that the only opinion that truly mattered was her own (well, at least when it came to her fashion sense). Feeling a bit nostalgic and romantic, 16" Annora slips into a cotton cami with shirred detail and matching bloomer pants. She just had to try the floral boots and the perfect finish—her lace tights. Annora Monet was designed by Robert Tonner. This full body, resin, custom fashion doll is perfect for your doll collection. One of our American Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD).

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