Phyn & Aero - Annora Monet - "Hello Mellow"

Phyn & Aero - Annora Monet - "Hello Mellow"
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  • Item #: P18AMB01
  • Manufacturer: Phyn & Aero
  • Condition: New

Robert Tonner - Phyn & Aero - Annora Monet Annora - Hello Mellow Year 2018 LE 250 Oh, Hello! Annora here. I just received my new camera—I t does all kinds of strange things—I’ll get into that later—but one thing it can do really well is take a selfie. I kind of mocked up a tripod and put the camera on a timer—and this is what I got! What am I wearing? Oh—it’s my new rose blush stretch onesie—love these things—it’s a basic, but I think it’s more than that. The shoes are a pair of strappy pleather sandals that I picked up in a new little store just right outside of town. I thought I’d try my black wig with it and I really like it, but then I just had to try on my other wig which is longer and auburn. I can’t decide—you may have to help! So, I got all carried away and even did my makeup for the shot. I’m using a barely blush lip paint and I did a bit of smokey shadow to show off my blue eyes! Still debating on the wig. I love my cameo skin tone, but I can look washed out so I’ll have to think about that wig color! Acrylic stand included. Shipping and insurance charges included for the United States ONLY! Doll World will ship overseas but the buyer is responsible to pay the shipping and insurance charges.

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