Phyn & Aero - Annora Monet - Strength of Character

Phyn & Aero - Annora Monet - Strength of Character
  • Item #: P17AMDD01
  • Manufacturer: Phyn & Aero
  • Condition: New

Strength of Character - Resin Annora 16" Annora is used to having all eyes on her but she wondered if today’s outfit was just too much. Hardly! Feeling in somewhat a dark mood, Annora starts with a slip of white satin with a black flounce at the hem. The slip also has black knit lace sleeves. Over the slip she dons a romantic/gothic inspired rouched dress of black taffeta. The slightly higher waist is accented with a black taffeta belt with a eye-catching rhinestone buckle. She certainly isn’t done with this look—on her feet go her favorite sensual, black soft suede boots. Thinking that she may be striking a note that’s a bit more serious than she intended, she adds a spray of ebony silk roses to crown her stark white twenties cropped hair do. Now, something’s missing—what could it be…..How about a lace bow around her neck? And for more of a touch of whimsy, how about dolly eye make-up and dark blood-red lips? Too much? No, just about perfect.

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