Phyn & Aero - Kadira - "Night Shade Dressed Doll"

Phyn & Aero - Kadira - "Night Shade Dressed Doll"
  • Item #: P18KDDD01
  • Manufacturer: Phyn & Aero
  • Condition: New

Phyn & Aero - Andrew Yang - Kadira Collection Night Shade Dressed Doll Year 2018 Suddenly, all of the music, voices, and excitement, mean nothing, for a while the din become whispers and all Kadira hears is muffled laughter in the distance or the soft tinkling of champagne glasses. The belle of the ball is lost in her thoughts - drifting between melancholy and wistfulness. She chose the colors of the gown because they reminded her of her childhood, but also, that she was a woman of her own design. Pink and black - hard and soft, satin and lace, sensual and delicate, with an oversized ruffled tulle boa draped around her long neck - blurring the lines and maintaining the mystery. A sculpted flower fascinator finishes the look, but is it a poisonous blossom? The Pale Edition of Night Shade Kadira comes with the Classic Painted face and light blue inset eyes. Doll has an extra-long platinum saran wig. Shipping and insurance charges included for the United States ONLY! Doll World will ship overseas but the buyer is responsible to pay the shipping and insurance charges.

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