Phyn & Aero - Wilde Imagination/Patience - "Just Have Patience"

Phyn & Aero - Wilde Imagination/Patience - "Just Have Patience"
  • Item #: P18PASD01
  • Manufacturer: Phyn & Aero
  • Condition: New

Phyn & Aero - Wilde Imagination - Patience Collection Just Have Patience Year 2018 LE 300 “Now, where was I? Oh, yes! Here I am!” Patience is delighted to be back in town and it shows in what she chose to wear today. Patience is wearing a lovely, delicate, high waisted, lace dress with a very full ruffled skirt trimmed in the most colorful embroidered floral. And if that’s not enough flowers she added a few more that dot the skirt every here and there. Lace stockings with sweet pink Mary Janes are perfect to go with the dress. Still not enough flowers? Patience decides that she must carry a nosegay, and maybe even throw some of those flowers in her long, dark brown, rooted saran hair. Flowers and lace everywhere! Shipping and insurance charges included for the United States ONLY! Doll World will ship overseas but the buyer is responsible to pay the shipping and insurance charges.

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