Robert Tonner - Cami - "Victorian Social Cami"

Robert Tonner - Cami - "Victorian Social Cami"
  • Item #: T14CJSD01
  • Manufacturer: Robert Tonner
  • Condition: New

Robert Tonner - Cami Collection Victorian Social Cami Tonner Convention Exclusive Chicago Year 2014 LE 200 Dressed doll Face includes hand-painted details Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic Cami head sculpt 16" Antoinette™ body Cameo skin tone Blue painted eyes Pale blonde rooted saran hair Ivory embroidered net dress and a red belt with faux flower decoration Ivory faux fur shawl Red beaded necklace Gold earrings with red rhinestone Ivory hat with faux flower and feathers and cotton lace trim Nude pantyhose Ivory faux leather shoes Stand

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