Robert Tonner - Mary Astor Piano Concerto Number One

Robert Tonner - Mary Astor Piano Concerto Number One
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  • Item #: T17MADD03
  • Manufacturer: Robert Tonner
  • Condition: New

This look is based off of one of the film’s most thrilling scenes—high after performing for a packed house, the illustrious pianist must return to her dressing room—to hash it out with her new husband’s ex fiancée. She wears a pleated ivory chiffon gown, and an embroidered soft pink cape that is both intimidating and feminine. It turns out all of Mary and Bette’s work didn’t go unnoticed—in fact, it won Mary Astor an Oscar. The Mary Astor doll is made of the finest hard plastic and vinyl and stands 16” tall with fifteen points of articulation. Her rooted saran hair of auburn is styled in an elegant coif that sets off her delicate eyes of pale brown and hand painted features perfectly. Mary stays on her feet with an acrylic base. Limited Edition of 300

RTB-101 Body Measurements:

Bust - 7 1/4", Waist - 4 7/8", Hip at Top Joint - 6 1/2", Hip at widest part of thigh - 7 1/4", Waist to Knee - 5 1/8", Waist to Floor - 10 3/8", Divot to Waist - 3 1/4", Shoulder Across Back - 3 1/4", Arm to Wrist Joint - 5", Overall - 16 1/2"

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