Robert Tonner - Tyler Wentworth - "Sheer Glamour Sydney"

Robert Tonner - Tyler Wentworth - "Sheer Glamour Sydney"
  • Item #: TW3201
  • Manufacturer: Robert Tonner
  • Condition: New

Robert Tonner - Tyler Wentworth Collection Sheer Glamour Sydney Year 2002 LE 2000 (Pale blonde hair; brown eyes; bending arms) Final Production Face Paint pictured at right. In a consistent move to follow existing themes in her 2002 Tyler Wentworth® Collection, Tyler played with delicate texture and soft color to drape fabric across the body in a halting sophistication. Sydney selected this gown to wear at the Grand Launch Ball of the Cosmetics Campaign. With pale blonde hair in a romantic cascade and Tyler's creative make-up palette, Sydney compromised nothing to achieve sheer perfection in the citron yellow, whispering gown. Surrounded in a misty wrap of organza, Sydney Chase knew her evening would sing softly in her mind.

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