Robert Tonner - Tyler Wentworth - "Something Sleek" Brunette

Robert Tonner - Tyler Wentworth - "Something Sleek" Brunette
  • Item #: TW0002
  • Manufacturer: Robert Tonner
  • Condition: New

Robert Tonner - Tyler Wentworth Collection Something Sleek - BRUNETTE BEING SOLD (not photographed) Basic Doll Open Edition Year 2000 Open Edition Tyler's daily regimen includes a swim at the health club lap pool in her apartment building. She exhibits an understanding of the need to balance fashion and function in her sleek black maillot trimmed in white. Her innate sense of style is also reflected in her accessories: sunglasses (not shown), black slides, and a monogrammed towel. This doll came in brunette, blonde (shown) and redhead.

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