Wilde Imagination - Ellowyne Wilde - "Steamrolled" Amber

Wilde Imagination - Ellowyne Wilde - "Steamrolled" Amber
  • Item #: 041-101
  • Manufacturer: Wilde Imagination
  • Condition: New

Robert Tonner - Ellowyne Wilde - Wilde Imagination Steamrolled "Amber" Tonner Convention - Wilde Event LE 150 Introducing Amber Stanhope - Ellowyne's childhood nemesis and friend? Dark red hair with inset blue eyes and applied lashes. Outfit includes a long, layered skirt, aviator-style jacket, arm gauntlets, stockings, boots, aviator hat, and steampunk-style goggles. Mean girl attitude implied. Designer saddle stand also included. Debut Date: Tonner Convention - May 2010

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